Opiates and other drugs of abuse

Substance Abuse not only affects celebrities, it affects our children and teenagers directly and indirectly, is also inceasing in other age groups and is a tremendous cost to society as a whole. I have watched it increase quite rapidly in recent years, with entirely too much of it happening in our children and teenagers. Many things have been done to

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Good Grief

We all experience things that cause us grief, although that may be different things for different people or at different times in our lives. It often doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it involves emotions. The first thing that jumps into most people’s minds is grief over the loss of a loved one, but there are many other grief

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The Happy Asset

Do you ever wonder what’s interfering with being happy, how that happened, or what you can do about it? Learn some secrets the psychopharmaceutical industry would prefer you didn’t know about! Do you ever wonder why we are having more and more unhappiness, unrest, depression and drug abuse in the world when there are so many good things going on

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