SADDer than SAD.

The TRUTH about Mental ‘illness’ is that while most people think that Mental illness is an issue that strikes only people who have severe problems in their thinking and behaving, MOST OF US have had seeds of self discontent sown into our brains over our lifetime that can cause disabling distress throughout our society, affecting even those people – sometimes

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Ladies – Step Into Your Power

As a woman who pushed to achieve what most women didn’t do – going to medical school at a time when they took ‘token females’ – it distresses me no end that in today’s world, even though over half the medical students are female, and increasing numbers of women crack the ‘glass ceiling’ in other areas, women still feel stressed,

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Fear of the Differences

There are many things written about various ‘fears’ that humans have which get in their way of enjoying life and/or moving forward – fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of going broke, fear of change and so on. What doesn’t really get described is the ‘fear of anything different’ that is an issue for many

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