Physical and Emotional Health – Do They REALLY Affect Each Other?

Many people know being sick affects their mood, but most are not aware of the intense effects your emotions can have on your body. We will discuss this interaction.

Description: It has been known for a very long time that emotional issues can affect our physical health, and physical issues, can affect our emotions, and yet it seems to be an issue that is considered all too seldom by both the people who are suffering and the doctors who are evaluating them. Doctors are often uncomfortable asking, and patients are often embarrassed, to discuss emotional issues. While pain is a common physical issue, and stress is a common emotional issue, there are very many more issues in both areas that can wreak havoc in your life in both physical and emotional spheres. Fortunately there are some doctors who are very good at picking up on it and cross referring, but not enough of them. Unfortunately, there are way too many people who as patients haven’t learned to tie this together, or fear they will be called a hypochondriac. They aren’t aware of the MANY different things that can impact their health in either direction. This show is to teach you some of the more common things to suspect and look for, as well as some strategies to use for yourself to recognize them and implement some techniques to manage them, whether you do or do not need the further assistance of a doctor or therapist or coach. Getting the whole of you – mind and body – is needed to optimize your life!

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