Binocular Vision as an Example for Politicians

I watch the news, watch people interact, and watch our political parties hammer at each other, and wonder if there can’t be a better approach. Observations of vision after recent cataract surgery have inspired a suggestion. While constantly checking out vision in each eye, it became apparent that the vision in BOTH eyes was a little fuzzy, and yet with both eyes together, an image came together that was sharp and clear.

In truth none of us have all the answers, we are not omnipotent and in possession of ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’, but coming together in good faith, recognizing both our viewpoints may be a bit fuzzy, we can interact, share, exchange and work to come together with a better picture than either of us could alone. Whether the differences are between 2 people, 2 organizations, 2 political parties, 2 governments or any other entities of differing opinions, they would do well to act more like the human brain and work together to integrate different viewpoints to come to a conclusion that will get many more of us to a better place. Focusing on a solution that is a ‘win’ for as many people as possible is my fuzzy view of things, but share your view and perhaps we can come up with something even better.

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